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If You Ignore Those High Energy Bills, They’ll Never Go Away

In fact, most the time you ignore a problem, it becomes worse.

As the cost of energy increases, so do your problems.

You’re not the person who buries their head in the sand and hopes for things to get better on their own.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

You’re not the kind of person to cower and whine when things aren’t going their way.

You’re the kind of person who looks for ways to make things better. You research and invest–making smart decisions for the long-term.

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You’re the kind of person we’re looking to help out. Because that other person we talked about…we can’t help them. Not until their ready to be more like you.

While energy rates are rising, many monthly high energy bills are draining you. They’re way higher than they should be. And you know the costs of oil and other fossil fuels are highly dependent on foreign politics and things out of your control.

So what are you going to do about your high energy bills?

We humbly suggest that you’re the kind of person to look outside the box and away from beating your head against the same wall.

That’s what you’re doing right now reading this.

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You’re the person who stops while that other dude is beating their head against the wall, and you look for another way.

That other way is renewable energy. That other way is solar power. That other way is open for people like you.

And it’s not open to that other person. They have to let go of their high energy bills. It can’t be them until they’re ready to let go of the old, outdated, and inefficient money drains they’re clinging to.

You? You’re ready to make that change. You’re ready to lead that change. And you’re the only one we really care to talk to.

The thing is, the U.S. won’t make a sudden change to smarter, more affordable energy.


Because, well, many people aren’t like you….Yeah, that makes us sad too. They really should be.

BUT the good thing is, those other people will follow you.

And you will make this country and the world thousands of times better.

Doesn’t convince you?

Well you’ll be saving buckets of money, thousands of dollars, way before anyone else catches on…putting yourself way ahead of the game.

Whatever your reasons are. We need people like you to make the change.

So if you’re that person, which we think you are, then find out more today. Change the world. And for the love of comfort save some money.

It can’t be any easier than finding out more today.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar:

Q: What is the ITC?

A: The Federal Government in the year 2019 will pay for 30% of your solar cost. That's like the Federal Government paying 30% of your electric bill for the next 30 years.

Q: Is there a solar program that is 100% free?

A: No. There are programs without any enrollment, install, or maintenance costs. However, you still have to pay the lower power bill that comes accompanied with your electricity use.

Q: What energy efficient program offers the most savings?

A: Solar offers massive savings to the homeowner. Especially as electric rates tend to rise year after year, and homeowners are using more power as they are adding in home automation, tvs, speakers, etc.

Scale of Solar Prices Over Time

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