How To Find The Best Solar Professional

Going solar is one of the big investments you make as a homeowner. Naturally, you want only the best team working for you.

Going solar is one of the big investments you make as a homeowner. Naturally, you want only the best team working for you.

And what makes the best solar team?

Follow these easy guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to picking your best solar professional.

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Reputation and Experience

Reputation on and offline is important to investigate before you make a decision. Read online reviews both on the company website and anywhere else other homeowners are posting feedback like Google Reviews. It’s important to see what the company prides themselves on and then see if their reviews match up with what they claim. While a few negative reviews are bound to happen, since it’s impossible to please everyone, a pattern of complaints are a good indication that a company has a bad track record. Asking your neighbors, family, and community is also a good way to find trustworthy companies with satisfied customers.

Investigate a solar company’s track record or experience. You want professionals who’ve been in the business, and who have experienced many different roofs and situations. Experience means less mistakes, faster service, and quality work. Your solar professional should be able to answer any questions you have (or at least find it out and get back to you) about the panels, inverters, battery backup, generators, the power grid, how to install the panels, and any other solar related question you might have. You should also ask them about any subcontractors they hire, such as electricians or plumbers, to complete the project so that you can make sure they are also insured and reputable.

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Financial Options

The more financial options a company has, the more likely you are to find a perfect fit for your budget. Some homeowners only want to rent the solar equipment and pay the solar company for the renewable energy. This lowers the homeowner’s bills without needing to make a big investment. You may want to get a solar loan (basically a home improvement loan) and make payments until you gradually pay it off. A good solar company will assist you in finding an excellent financing option, as well as tell you about any state or federal tax incentives you can take advantage of. For example, as of now, there’s a federal solar tax credit that allows you to take 30% off the cost of solar installation if you own the system.

Quality and Warranties

Not all solar panels are created equal. Ask your prospective solar companies about their material manufacturer, then research that to make sure their materials are quality. The better the panels, the better the efficiency, the more money you’ll save.

Additionally, insure that the materials and labor are under warranty. Your system needs to be protected from issues such as environmental damages, premature wear, and material defects. Any solar company worth their salt will back up their equipment and labor. Their warranties should promise highly durable, long-lasting material and a good amount of time covered in case anything goes wrong. Warranties on panels will typically promise 90% production over 10 years, and 80% production at 25 years. Warranties on materials should cover at least 10-12 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar:

Q: What is the ITC?

A: The Federal Government in the year 2019 will pay for 30% of your solar cost. That's like the Federal Government paying 30% of your electric bill for the next 30 years.

Q: Is there a solar program that is 100% free?

A: No. There are programs without any enrollment, install, or maintenance costs. However, you still have to pay the lower power bill that comes accompanied with your electricity use.

Q: What energy efficient program offers the most savings?

A: Solar offers massive savings to the homeowner. Especially as electric rates tend to rise year after year, and homeowners are using more power as they are adding in home automation, tvs, speakers, etc.

Scale of Solar Prices Over Time

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Q: Are solar panels a renewable resource?
A: Solar energy is the renewable resource. Solar panels are a conduit to harvest that energy.
Q: Are solar panels a good investment?
A: The short answer is most likely yes. The best way to find the exact answer for you would be to get a solar consultation and quote from your local solar professional.

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