Qualify For A Slice Of The Magic Solar Pie In Florida Today

You can help make Florida more magical and put thousands back in your pocket when you qualify for this solar initiative.

Florida has made BIG strides to produce clean energy. The magic of solar energy is revolutionizing financial freedom and renewable energy for homeowners in the Sunshine State.

Florida is incredible–a true solar-energy rock star for the U.S. The state has been a consistent leader in solar installs at 3rd in 2017, 8th in 2018, and a projected 2nd in the next five years.

As a Florida homeowner, you should benefit from your state’s natural energy resource. And it’s high-time some leeway was created for you.

Now more than ever, Florida homeowners, like you, can take advantage of your solar energy benefits. In April of 2018, Florida removed a roadblock for residents to participate in solar panel leasing, allowing qualifying homeowners to “rent” solar panels from companies rather than buy the panels outright.

Access superior solar energy benefits for almost $0 down today. 

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Additionally, you can get more of this magic with the federal solar tax incentive which ends this year. This tax incentive makes solar insanely affordable this year by putting 30% of solar installation costs back in your pocket.

Even Disney World recognizes the impact a cleaner environment has on Florida’s financial and physical health. Producing clean air that is more enjoyable for amusement park goers to take in has been a conscientious goal for Disney.

Amazingly, The Magic Kingdom is embracing the stability, self-sufficiency, and brilliant magic of solar. The Walt Disney Company in Florida created a solar energy facility that will be going directly to the local power grid.

Once again you, as a Florida homeowner, can benefit from these initiatives.

Disney estimates their solar project is capable of producing energy to power a startling 10,000 homes every year, and it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 57,000 tons/year.

You can personally help clean up our highly populated cities by using solar panels that are pre-funded and ready to install on your home.

You can personally take a slice of this solar magic pie for yourself; you’ll also help Florida BLOOM in self-sufficiency and renewable, affordable energy.

Every qualifying homeowner WILL be putting money back into their wallet, and they will increase the magic of Florida when they care about and invest in affordable solar energy.

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