How To Get Free Solar Panel Installation Using A Federal Tax Incentive Today

Free solar panel installation?

Sounds too good to be true.

And usually such things are. But in this case, it’s very real and doable.

Alternative Energy Solar Project (project manager of S.A.V.E., a solar repayment system for American middle class families), is using government tax incentives, rebates, and money donated from private investors to make solar panel installation free for middle-class America. 

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What You Should Know Beforehand

Most solar companies will offer three main models of solar installation–the PPA, the lease, and the purchase models. 

The purchase model has the potential to save homeowners the most on their energy bills (reducing their bill to zero), but that’s obviously the programs that requires the most money up front. Keep in mind that homeowners may also receive solar tax credit (aka ITC–Investment Tax Credit) and get 30% off of the cost of their solar power panel installation. In fact, most homeowners saved around $9,000 using this federal tax credit. They won’t even have to pay full price. 

The lease model allows the homeowner to receive the benefits of solar energy without having to foot the bill immediately. Instead, they pay a small amount each month, along with the reduced energy costs, until they own the panels.

The PPA program allows homeowners to get a solar power array installed on their house at no-cost to them. So, free. And the reason solar companies can do this is because of government incentives. The solar company will come and set up the arrays for free and the homeowner can then reap the benefits of reduced energy bills without having to go into debt for the system. 

And that’s how you get free solar panel installation from the government.

No catch. Just straightforward tax incentives and rebates. Now is the best time to go solar. These incentives are set to decrease at the end of of 2019.

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