Need a New Roof? Solar Can Cut Down The Costs Of Replacing Your Old Shingles

What if you could get a new roof and slice your energy bills down to almost nothing at the same time?

Imagine this–the new roof is sleek, beautiful, and smart. You don’t even notice it everyday, coming to and from work, because it just does its job in the background.

But your neighbors comment on how long they’ve been wanting to update with solar shingles or solar panels. You notice that they hold back asking you how much your energy bills are now.

The old you hid how much your bills were because maybe it was embarrassing.

Like everyone else, you wanted to hide how crazy those bills had gotten.

Now you have nothing to hide and you may even be able to volunteer freely that “I don’t really pay for energy anymore. It’s great.”

You have to get a new roof anyways, and upgrading with solar energy at the same time can help pay for it through tax incentives in 2019.

In the U.S., nearly 5 million new roofs are put up annually. When solar investments complete the roof, homeowners save thousands on their energy bills and significantly increase the market value of their home.

And those savings really help out on those new roof costs.

It’s an investment that you don’t want to miss out on. And the best time to do it is this year, while tax incentives are still available for up to 30% of solar panel installation.

You’ll get a new roof AND save thousands by switching to solar energy.

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