How To Prep For Your Solar Pros

Whatever solar energy stage you may be in, there are some basic guidelines for preparing your space for a professional’s help.

You may be ready for a consultation, or for your solar team to set up your panels, either way, you’re probably wondering if there are any loose ends you need to tie up before your professionals arrive. There are three basic (and very easy) things every homeowner should prepare to help keep work streamlined and efficient.

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Anticipate Questions

Obviously, the pros know their stuff, but they may ask you where they should park, how to best access the roof, etc. If they’re giving you a consult, they may ask for an electric bill to demonstrate what you’re currently charged and how much solar energy will save you. You will probably be asked when the last time you repaired/replaced your roof was. Anticipate these few things and it can make the service streamlined and quick.

Keep Work Area Clear

It’s pretty easy to keep your roof clear of debris if you clear it off once. Keep your yard and the path the professionals need to use clear of toys, tools, equipment, and anything else that might get in the way of the pros and cause delays.

Entertain Pets and Kids Elsewhere

As cute as pets and kids are, they can be a big distraction. Keep pets indoors and kids out of the work area so your pros can do their job quickly and safely. If your pets and kids are busy elsewhere, they can’t get hurt or slow the work.

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Q: Are solar panels dangerous to your health?
A: Solar panels could be considered problematic in a few ways. 1) Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) can cause people who are sensitive to it to feel tired or restless. This can also be triggered by computers and cell phones. This could cause discomfort to some people in work spaces or at home. 2) Silicon dust is released during manufacturing and exposure to this dust isn’t great for the lungs. 3) Solar cells are not recyclable, which also creates problems for environmentally friendly ways of disposing of them when they no longer work.
Q: Are solar panels damaged by hail?
A: Certain types of solar panels are more susceptible to hail damage, but the chances are so small it is considered insignificant. Essentially, hail damage to solar panels is extremely rare.

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