Solar Myths Busted! Tiny Homes and Solar Power Are Amazing Together

We’ve been hearing some nay-saying on the tiny home solar front.

So, obviously, Home Professionals looked into it for you.

We are here to help homeowners sort the fact from fiction–making home-owning so much easier for and streamlined for you!

Solar is perfect for tiny homes. They’re a lot smaller and require a lot less energy to run. You can have your energy needs met at a very low cost AND live more independently.

If you want to be minimalist, environment-friendly, and save money, then solar energy is your answer.

We’ll bust the most common solar myths we’ve heard right here and right now for you.

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These solar myths are keeping you from saving money and building the best tiny home.

Myth #1: It’s Difficult To Convert Solar Energy For Modern Appliances. Wiring a home for AC and DC is too complicated!

Busted: Well why would you do that? Just wire your house as you would normally (AC). You’re going to use inverters.

Don’t know how to wire a house normally? Pick up a book like you’re doing on everything else or hire a professional to help out!

Solar panels have a DC energy current, while most home appliances run on AC. This means you’ll use inverters…like literally anyone else who has solar power.  

Inverters today are common and reliable. You can pretty much pick them up at any store that has electrical appliances. They’re even stackable these days! Which means more power.

Do NOT wire your house for DC and purchase expensive and low-quality DC appliances. Simply use inverters.

Myth #2: Inverters are inefficient.

Busted: It all depends on what kind of inverter you’re getting.

Grid-tied inverters are the way to go. They are connected to the utility grid and basically allow for energy to go both ways. When you are making more energy than you’re even using in your tiny house, the excess goes back to the electrical grid and they “pay you” for that energy. If you’re having a long, dark spell (as may be the case sometimes through winter), and you’re not gathering enough solar energy, you pull from the electrical grid. That way you’re never without electricity, but you still keep your energy bills and carbon footprint low.

If you’re really trying to live off-grid, your back up battery is where you’ll take the efficiency hit. The most common battery for this runs at about 80% efficiency. But it’s not because the inverter is inefficient. You’d take that hit on a straight battery-run DC system anyways.

What you should focus on when it comes to your energy bills is cost/kWh. Just make sure you’re doing good there and you’ll save money.

Myth #3: Solar energy is too complicated to put on my tiny house.

Busted: This is so blatantly false it’s almost offensive.

You’re already building a home. You probably don’t know a lot about your plumbing system, but you’re still building your home. If electrical isn’t in your specific skill list, then you may want to hire someone to help. Or you can always learn as you go if that’s your style.

Solar is not only more affordable, it’s also much easier to install than ever before. You can even buy whole kits that take you on a walk-through installation.

Put solar energy on your tiny house. You’ll be saving a lot of energy, money, and the earth while you’re at it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar:

Q: What is the ITC?

A: The Federal Government in the year 2019 will pay for 30% of your solar cost. That's like the Federal Government paying 30% of your electric bill for the next 30 years.

Q: Is there a solar program that is 100% free?

A: No. There are programs without any enrollment, install, or maintenance costs. However, you still have to pay the lower power bill that comes accompanied with your electricity use.

Q: What energy efficient program offers the most savings?

A: Solar offers massive savings to the homeowner. Especially as electric rates tend to rise year after year, and homeowners are using more power as they are adding in home automation, tvs, speakers, etc.

Scale of Solar Prices Over Time

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