Solar is cheaper than ever, but it may not be right for your home. Quit wondering--find out free and easy today.

Want to reduce your insane energy bills today?

Do you also want to save the planet like a freaking super hero without spending money or getting bit by a spider?

Join the ever-growing list of homeowners looking for a better way today.

You know we’re gonna take this to solar energy. You’ve read enough of the internet at work and while pretending to watch your kid’s soccer game to know.

Maybe you’ve seen it around but never really looked into it?

So it sits around in the back of your mind along with the mole you should have looked at and the bills you don’t want to pay.

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So Here’s The Super Easy Way To Cut Your Energy Bills And Become An Energy Super Hero…

Red slate roof with solar panel array

Save money and the planet at the same time!

FIRST find out free and easy if solar even works for you!


Easiest way to see if you can actually save money or do anything about your stupid-high energy bills is to see if this solution will work.

Cause guess what, that’s all going to depend on where you live, the position your home is facing, the amount of shade you get, and your state and federal regulations.

That might sound like a lot to figure out, but it’s not. It’s super freaking easy.

So instead of worrying and never doing anything, make the minimal effort to get your answer today.

So How Do You Easily Find Out If Solar Panels Are Right For Your Home?

Solar panel array on southern-era building

How much will they cost vs. how much will you save, right?

Home Professionals is here to help. Cause we’re a super hero of our own kind.

And we’re not humble about it. Cause it’s rad.

All you have to do is ride on our super hero cape cause we’ve done all the work for you.

Use that simple form at the bottom here. Just right there. Yep, just below.

Minimal information and effort on your part = completely free help from us that requires ZERO commitment on your part.

You can hang up on your solar pros if you want. It doesn’t cost you a dime and they’re only interested in helping people who want to be helped.

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What You DON’T Have To Deal With And What We WILL Do To Help You

Solar panel roof
Lower your energy bills with these 5 things today.

Things you DON’T have to do with Home Professionals here:

You DON’T have to look up all your solar pros, compare costs, and pull out teeth for a correct quotes (leave those tactics to super villains).

You DON’T need to be hassled and annoyed to find out the information you need.

You DON’T need to spend your valuable off time calling around and dealing with disreputable people and businesses.

Here’s what WILL happen when you use Home Professionals:

You WILL get the right help.

You WILL save time and effort.

You WILL get your questions answered from reputable solar companies and pros.

You WILL be provided with real estimated costs and savings based on all the factors above so you can find out today if solar would even work for you.

You WILL get connected to your state and federal tax incentives which will reduce the cost of going solar drastically.

So find out if solar would even work for you quick and easy today. Then go get that mole figured out. Then, once those savings kick in, you don’t have to ignore those other bills so much.

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5 Reasons You Really Should Consider Home Solar Panels Today

how much do solar panels cost per watt

You probably don’t even need these reasons cause they’re so obvious. But here they are:

1. Thousands Of Dollars SAVED

There is a boat-load of data and research that proves homeowners save a ton of money when they use solar panels.

This study finds homeowners sitting happy with $44 – $187 in savings per month in the first year of owning solar panels. That means $528 – $2,244 just that year!

If this isn’t delicious to you, Home Professionals would like to humbly suggest maybe you switch to solar panels at least to do your part to help out the environment.

In addition to the savings, the solar tax credit is reducing the cost of going solar by 30% (until the end of 2019–yeah, quite wasting time) for both residential and commercial properties.

And your state likely has it’s own incentives that support homeowners going solar.

Which is why we say, use Home Professionals and easily get connected to all your well-deserved help today.

2. You Can Keep Your Lights On All The Time

No more second-guessing in terror whether you left lights on when you leave. Wondering about what that’s going to do to your energy bill.

And parent’s, we know you’re done trying to get your kids to remember turning off lights when they leave a room.

Oh, and the next power outage is on your solar panels. Cause while your neighbor is trying to keep the fridge closed and fishing around in the dark, you’ll have your lights on and your food unspoiled.

Solar panels are going to provide you with the security you need. You don’t need to rely on your utility company.

And, what they say about fossil fuel energy being a non-renewable and finite resource is true.

You don’t have to worry about that with solar. If the sun goes out we’re all going to die anyways, so it’s not really a concern as far as energy goes.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to wait until it’s too late to change then by all means, keep relying on old tech…that always works.

3. Easy Way To Pump Up Your Home’s Value

Putting solar on your home makes it super appealing.

In fact, potential home-buyers are willing to pay a premium of $15,000 for a home with an average solar system.

So solar is one of the best upgrades you can do to your home because it saves you so much AND it pays you back in more ways than one.

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4. Quit The Crazy Price Fluctuations

You feel it when you put gas in your car, and you feel it when your energy bill comes through…

Fossil fuel/gas fluctuations suuuuuuck.

Energy rates have only been increasing over the years, and it’s not going to stop.

The sun, however, free from any one political climate, never really sees any price fluctuations.

And in fact, it’s so plentiful you can sell back your solar energy to the local energy company. So you avoid energy rate fluctuations and you get to sell your surplus.

5. Be The Hero The World Needs

There’s no way around it; fossil fuels (oil and coal) has and continues to cause global warming. AND their pollution poisons our waterways and air, which causes many illnesses.

Even just one solar panel system install offsets 178 tons of carbon dioxide in the 30 years it’s functioning. That’s equivalent to planting 10 football fields of trees. So if everyone did it, we’d be looking pretty good.

The fact is, the longer we wait, the more damage is done. So you’re wasting your own money and hurting your own and your loved one’s health when you put off facing reality.

Are Solar Panels Worth It For Your Home?

So we gave you reasons solar is worth it and awesome.

We gave you reasons why you and your life will be awesome with solar power.

But, like we said, there’s a sliver of chance that your home just isn’t going to work out.

And that’s ok. We can’t all be super heroes. And sadly, we can’t all save money with solar right now (maybe someday soon!).

So get the correct information you need fast and easy from the very best solar professionals.

So stop putting it off; get it checked out with Home Professionals today.

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Find Out If You Qualify For Solar Funding!


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Thank you, we have sent your information to our most trusted company in your area. They will be reaching out to you shortly from a number you don’t recognize, please answer the phone when they call.

They will need to verify your information over the phone before they will know if you are a good candidate for solar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar:

Q: What is the ITC?

A: The Federal Government in the year 2019 will pay for 30% of your solar cost. That's like the Federal Government paying 30% of your electric bill for the next 30 years.

Q: Is there a solar program that is 100% free?

A: No. There are programs without any enrollment, install, or maintenance costs. However, you still have to pay the lower power bill that comes accompanied with your electricity use.

Q: What energy efficient program offers the most savings?

A: Solar offers massive savings to the homeowner. Especially as electric rates tend to rise year after year, and homeowners are using more power as they are adding in home automation, tvs, speakers, etc.

Scale of Solar Prices Over Time

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