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5 Brilliant Bathroom DIY Upgrades

Bathroom DIY: Ditch The Tub, Get A Walk-In Shower

walk-in shower, glass partition, neutral brown colors.

If you’re not much of a bath person, or the bath simply doesn’t get used, consider upgrading to a walk-in shower.

This will give you the opportunity to make your bathroom seem bigger–especially if you install a glass partition. A walk-in shower also feels more elegant and updated.

Get a little extra: If you have the means, adding a steam shower function can add a lot of value and appeal to your home. Not to mention, it feels amazing.

Bathroom DIY: Change Up Your Lighting

modern bathroom, bathroom diy, nuetral colors, glass partition

An easy bathroom DIY is upgrading your lighting fixtures. Simply renewing your old fixtures or upgrading them can increase the value of your home.

Having at least a couple available options between very bright vanity lighting and dim lighting would be a smart direction to go.

There is room to get creative here too. Hanging fixtures or a chandelier in the middle of the room can be a nice touch. Make sure your lighting fits the theme and color scheme of your bathroom.

Get a little extra: Many homeowners are loving smart-lighting and mood-lighting in their homes these days. While you will want to make sure any new outlets installed are up to code (with an electrician’s help), the changing colors for mood and comfort are a really neat feature that you’re sure to love.

Bathroom DIY: Re-Tiling


Work with what you have. You don’t have to completely restructure your bathroom to update it.

Re-tiling your shower can drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom as you bring it into the current decade. And it’s easy to clean and maintain.

You can even tile your bathroom walls and floor. Simple subway tile is a classic way to go, but hexagon and honeycomb tile gives your room a neat look too.

Get a little extra: Have the means to do a little more? Consider installing heated bathroom floors. Some of us have splurged on this and absolutely love it.

Bathroom DIY: Upgrade The Vanity and Cupboards

white cabinets, dark fixtures, tiled backsplash, bathroom upgrade

This can be as easy as a fresh layer of paint or stain and some new fixtures.

A simple update can go a long ways on this project. But you could always do more if you have the means.

Get a little extra: Little convenient features are a great way to increase the value of your home. One such feature is a heated towel rack you can install on your wall. Who wouldn’t want a warm towel to step into after a shower?

Bathroom DIY: Frame Your Mirrors

Wood rustic frame surrounding bathroom mirror, bathroom diy

This upgrade may not fit your theme. But if it could, framing your mirrors can add some wonderful, bold lines to your bathroom.

Create some contrast and don’t be afraid to be dynamic.

Get a little extra: Smart tech is growing, and the bathroom is a great place to have a hands-free experience. The Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror has Alexa built in to control lighting. We are endlessly intrigued.

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