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7 Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

Don't blow your savings just to upgrade! There are many different projects you can take on that will bring down the price tag significantly.

DIY Home Upgrade: Bathroom Cabinets

Sand your cabinets down and give them a nice stain or a couple layers of paint.

New hardware can be very affordable and a great way to increase your home value.

And check out that nice mirror trim and light fixture update! Little things go a long way.

DIY Home Upgrade: Window Trim

This might seem more advanced, but it’s actually quite easy whether you’re upgrading or building your window trim.

Make It And Love It blog has a great step-by-step that helped a couple of us out!

DIY Home Upgrade: Counter Tops


While there are many different ways you can upgrade counter tops, we feel like the concrete upgrade is one of the most efficient and affordable.

While concrete counters seems to bring about a love it or hate it reaction, it offers a modern chic look and a nice, low price tag.

A Beautiful Mess blog has a great step-by-step for doing your own!

DIY Home Upgrade: Paint Bathroom Floors


Don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

And if you’re not super in the art skills department, find a friend that is! Trade services for each other. Or support a local artist and come to an arrangement on a fair price point.

Simply painting and beautifying what’s already there can bring a much needed upgrade at a much lower cost.

DIY Home Upgrade: Backsplash With Peel ‘N Stick


Backsplashes are trendy and a great way to upgrade the look and value of your home.

The great thing is, there are some really neat tricks to making it more affordable.

All Things With Purpose blog has a great before/after and step-by-step if you’re interested!

DIY Home Upgrade: Update Bathroom Tile and Tub

Older homes, we’ve noticed, have some interesting tile work sometimes. Or, sometimes, you just get tired of what you’ve had for years.

It’s incredible how a bathroom tile and tub update can totally transform the room, increasing your home value

Variety By Vashti blog has a really cool bathroom transformation you should absolutely check out. Maybe give it a go!

DIY Home Upgrade: Make A Dresser Into A Kitchen Island


Got an old dresser? Need another surface in your kitchen and extra storage? Look no further.

We love this transformation and think it can really help out a kitchen that needs more storage space. And it’s so much more affordable than buying a kitchen island.

Check out Dear Creatives blog for a neat step-by-step tutorial.

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