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7 New Year Home Resolutions You Should Start Immediately

Thinking about personal resolutions? Why not add these and make your home better while you're at it?

While promising yourself a better workout routine for the new year is important, home resolutions are often overlooked.

After meeting to discuss the most important goals (in no particular order) for homeowners this year, we came up with this list we could all agree on.

Resolution #1: ORGANIZE: Nothing drains your physical and emotional health like clutter. Make a resolution to investigate minimalism and see if you can reduce consumption, invest in things that actually make your life better, and live a cleaner life.

Resolution #2: GET SMART: Home automation is becoming the norm and it saves homeowners a lot of money on energy. Make a resolution to start implementing smart-energy home appliances today. Whether it’s upgrading to ENERGYSTAR appliances, or switching out your old lightbulbs for LED bulbs, you can start making small changes for your wallet and the Earth today.

Resolution #3: KEEP SAFE: Along with home automation, smart home security is another smart investment and resolution to make for your home this year.  Whether it’s smart locks, doorbells cameras, or security cameras, even just one of these can make your home and loved ones safer this year—whether you’re just leaving to work to or for vacation.

Resolution #4: GO GREEN: Reduce, reuse, recycle is a big home resolution for us. We work on it every year—making small switches and investments in our own homes to use ENERGY STAR appliances, using LED bulbs, utilizing the recycling bin better, creating our own compost, planting our own gardens, creating less waste, installing solar panels, and reusing materials in our home…really the possibilities are endless. Investigate all the possible ways you could use renewable energy this year and contact us when you need a home professional to help you make the switch.

Resolution #5: SAVE MONEY: Because who doesn’t want to save money? All our resolutions fit into this one. Going green saves money, keeping safe and preventing theft saves money, home automation and minimalism saves money, and living better saves money. Yes, there are upfront costs to switching to solar or upgrading appliances, but the amount of money you save on energy costs with these switches more than pays for these upgrades. And with your mental and physical health doing better, you’ll save on health costs. Also, create a home budget plan and stick to it. Figure out what’s essential, stick to your budget calendar/notebook, and stop stressing about money.

Resolution #7: LIVE BETTER: Yes, all resolutions come together to support this resolution as this resolution is quite broad. And the principle is good. With all other resolutions, you should be living better if you’re able to meet even a couple of them. Additionally, think about getting health checks on your home systems (such as your HVAC system) and let us help you find the best professional to help you. Go for more walks, take time for yourself, and stress less.

What do think? Any you’d like to add or think are more important? Let us know in the comments below, or interact with us on social media. We love to hear from you.

Let’s make your house feel like home again.



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