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Energy Tax Credit Saving Homeowners Up To $10,000 Over The Next Couple Decades

You want all your windows to be energy-efficient, aesthetic, bill-busting glass beauties. I'll help you get there with these energy-saving shortcuts.

WARNING: Everything you read here can save you money, but DIY window replacement or energy shortcuts may void your warranties. Since writing this, I have actually had my windows upgraded professionally to ENERGY STAR, double-paned, energy-efficient windows.  They keep warm/cool air in the right places, reduce dirty energy, and have helped lower my monthly energy bills. No shortcuts were required. Hope these shortcuts help until you can upgrade too!

Homeowners lose about 30% of their energy-costs through leaky windows yearly! That’s insane!

You may be thinking: “I can’t afford to just upgrade all my windows at once!”

Well, you’re exactly the person I want to talk to today.

Your end goal is to have all your windows upgraded to energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, bill-busting glass beauties.

But first!…

We all gotta start somewhere and budget as we go. And that’s why I’m giving you these super simple yet wildly effective shortcuts. A few fake-it-till-you-make-it energy saving tips.

Before the easy-peasy-shortcuts, let’s cover your window facts so you understand how much I’m trying to help you.

Here’s what a typical home upgrade with ENERGY STAR will save you:

Upgrading from single-pane windows: $126–$465

Upgrading from double-paned clear glass windows: $27–$111

That’s ENERGY STAR savings of up to $10,000 over 20 years that you literally would have thrown out the window.

Now I want you to imagine these savings, but without the cost of upgrading your entire home to ENERGY STAR windows.

Click here to get connected to your federal and state tax incentives and rebates.

Sneak-Attack-Shortcut #1: Install Window Film

Window film is an affordable way to reduce your energy bills, decrease glare, add decoration, and even increase privacy.


  • Privacy
  • Keeps out radiant heat and UV rays
  • Decorative
  • Some will work with curved surfaces
  • Look for reusable film (you may want to remove during winter)
  • Look for long warranties against bubbling and cracking
  • Good short to medium-term solution


  • Peeling, cracking, bubbling
  • Only works if each side of the window film is sealed
  • You don’t get sunlight or the heat from the sun in the winter
  • May block desired outdoor scenery
  • It seals the window making it unusable

Sneak-Attack-Shortcut #2: Seal Gaps


Weather stripping, caulk, and foam can be a better way to insulate your windows. And a professional home energy audit can be a great way to find out where you’re losing the most energy.


  • Affordable and versatile
  • Easy to apply
  • Works fast
  • Insulation
  • Saves you money
  • Good short to medium-term solution


  • Certain expanding foams can warp jams and blow out framing so be super careful and make sure you know what you’re doing. Ask a window pro before application
  • May still be costly if you invest in good all-over home insulation
  • Need to check on efficiency frequently and make sure everything is in place
  • If installed incorrectly it won’t help you save money

Sneak-Attack-Shortcut #3: Curtains/Other Materials To Keep Drafts Out

This seems obvious but you’d be shocked how many people aren’t doing anything to limit their energy loss.


  • Can be super cheap
  • Surprisingly effective
  • Helps keep energy where you want it
  • Maybe decorative if you get good curtains
  • Great short-term solution


  • Can look really silly (shower curtains)
  • Can look a little sloppy (nailed up blankets)
  • Doesn’t do anything for your home value

Lower your energy bills this year!

If you’re spending more than $75/month on your energy bills, you may also qualify for an energy-efficiency tax credit!

Check it out today. I think it will change your life as much as it changed mine.

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