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Should You Hire A Cleaning Pro? It’s More Affordable Than You Think!

A cleaning pro sounds like a luxury. But is it? Home Professionals investigates for you.

You may be able to deal with the day-to-day grind of cleaning up after home and family. All that yard work and house work after each long day at your job starts to wear everyone down at some point though.

You’re tired of it. Maybe you just want someone else to take care of some of the grittier stuff.

You might be surprised at how attainable help is for you.

Window Cleaning Pros

Cost: Appx. $200

Windows must be cleaned, else the homeowner will soon have hard water mineral buildup on their windows. Streaks and grime are not very homey.

But deep cleaning windows, inside and out, is an enormous task, and it takes many homeowners weeks to accomplish. This may be a chore you want to delegate out to someone else.

A pro will have all the equipment and time to take care of those windows for you. And they should have the insurance to back up any accidents too.

Window cleaning prices vary on how large your house is and how many windows you have. So keep that in mind when you’re scouting for prices.

House Cleaning Pros

Cost: Appx. $150

We say approximately because it depends on the size of your home and how many hours it may take to clean. Prices vary on where you live, but you can expect to pay between $50-100 dollars an hour depending on your zip code.

House work is time-consuming and exhausting to keep on top of every week. Hiring a pro can take a big load off your wagon.

You may hire house cleaning pros for a deep-clean, a quick-pick-up, spring cleaning, and weekly cleanings. Many services actually offer discounts if you have reoccurring services.

In any case, we think this is an excellent and affordable option for homeowners who need a helping hand.

Chimney and Gutter Cleaning Pros

Chimney Cost: Appx. $250

Gutter Cost: Appx. $150

The outer working of your home need attention. You may not even remember your chimney and gutters on your chore list.

For some, cleaning their chimney or gutters themselves could even be dangerous.

Hire out a pro for a schedule, convenient, and insured cleaning.

Furniture and Carpet Cleaning Pros

Furniture Cost: Appx. $150-200

Carpet Cost: Appx. $150-200

Again, you’re looking at varied prices if you have a ton of floor space or furniture. But on average it’s very affordable and even necessary.

Experts recommend you have your carpets cleaned every couple years. More if you have a lot of foot traffic or pets. Same could go for your furniture.

Different materials on furniture need specialized cleaning and products. And while you may be able to rent cleaning equipment from some companies, it’s usually a lot more time-effective and even more affordable to just have the professionals come out and clean.

You don’t have to work hard. Just work smart. Delegate out the extra chores to a cleaning pro using Home Professionals Pro Finder.

While we don’t have every home industry yet, we have some of the most important ones that you really need your pros on. Check out our categories to get connected to the pros you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it practical to hire cleaning pros?
A: If your budget allows it, we think cleaning pros make life a ton easier. They take care of the tedious so you can focus on the important things in your life. Hire a good service and you should be very happy.

Q: Where do I find good cleaning services and professionals?
A: The online community is a good place to start. Search cleaning services (whichever field you’re searching in) and find a contractor that will a) fit your budget, b)has good reviews, c) is a well-established company with a permanent address.

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