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How Much Do Tree Services Cost?

Need a tree removed, pruned, or trimmed? You may be wondering how much do tree services cost?

Here’s what you need to know about cost of tree services and hiring the right pros for the job. 

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Pruning, Tree Removal, And Stump Grind Ups–How Much Do Tree Services Cost?

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Tree service cost varies on the type of tree, how tall it is, how big it is, and how difficult it is to access and care for it. 

Tree pruning cost depends on how tall your tree is and how your tree service pros will have to dispose of those branches. Expect to pay more for taller trees.

You can usually plan on paying around $350–$550 for a tree pruning service. 

Your tree service professionals may offer extra conveniences such as turning the branches into firewood or at-location woodchipping for an extra fee. It’s up to you whether the convenience is worth the cost.

Removing a tree is usually costs the most. Most pros will cut it down into sections and then take the pieces away. Grinding down the stump usually costs extra. 

If you take an Oak tree, which are very tall and hard to cut, you’re probably going to pay a few anywhere between a few hundred and a thousand dollars to remove it. The price depends on how big it has grown. 

In general you’re going to pay more to remove bigger tree than smaller ones because they’re more work and take more time. 

Plan on any large tree removal service costing between $1,000 and $1,500.

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As mentioned, removing the stump and grinding it up costs extra–even in full tree removal services. 

Stump removal services includes removing and grinding up the tree stump and is usually between $60–$375 depending on the size of the stump and how deep the roots are

If  you’re loking to have your tree service professional to haul away fallen or dead trees, the cost is on the cheaper side. This is because they’re usually easier to remove and take away.

Tree removal services for dead/fallen trees will usually cost between $70–$175. And you can still expect upwards of $1500 if a tree is particularly tall or hard to move

And keep in mind that some trees get close to power lines. In this situation you will also need to contact your utilities provider to prune those branches back. The good news is that this service is usually totally free since the power lines are their property.

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Hiring Tree Service Professionals–What To Look For

You want to make sure that you hire experienced tree service contractors with a good track record. 

That means they’re well established with plenty of happy customer reviews on and offline. 

They should also have insurance and workers comp among any other licenses or credentials required by your area. 

A professional worth their salt will have the right equipment (such as boom trucks which allow workers to get up to the high branches). 

Some companies even employ arborists (people who know about trees and how to take care of them), which is good if you’re looking to prune or improve a tree. They’ll know which season is best to prune your tree’s branches, how to prune without damaging your tree, and will have the right tools for pruning trees. 

Most tree service contractors will offer free quotes and on-site estimates for the job you’re looking for. On-location quotes are the most accurate. Ask for your quote in writing before you sign anything. 

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Trim Your Own Trees

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Many homeowners wonder about DIY tree removal and pruning/trimming.

Usually trimming your own trees is pretty doable. 

Smaller trees are fairly easy to do yourself if you know where to cut to keep the tree healthy. And it’s usually best to prune in the fall/early winter.

For a small tree you’ll need to be able to reach it safely with an expandable tool ($30-$75), and you’ll also want to rent a stump grinder from a home improvement store ($75-$150) if you’re cutting a small tree down. In addition, you should have a thick pair of gloves, safety goggles, ear protection, possibly a face mask, and a long-sleeve shirt. 

It’s not recommended that you do full tree removal by yourself unless you have the right tools, experience, and skills to keep yourself and your property safe.

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