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How Much Does A Pressure Washer Service Cost?

Does the outside of your home need a good washing? Are your bricks, stones, and sidewalk discolored? Does your deck need a good scrub?

Say hello to every homeowner’s friend, the pressure washer.

It’s amazing how much of a difference a pressure washer makes. Even when a surface doesn’t seem to look that bad or dirty, after a pressure washing session, it looks amazingly better. 

While the outside of your home may not need to be cleaned as often as the inside, it’s still needs a good scrubbing now and then to keep the value and aesthetic of your home up. And keeping it washed helps preserve your paint, bricks, and vinyl. So it saves you money in the long run as well. 

You can DIY pressure washing or, if you’re not a fan of heights or high pressure, heavy-duty hoses, you can hire a pro to do it for you. 

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The Cost Of Renting Or Owning A Pressure Washer

To rent a pressure washer, you usually have to pay a deposit. You can rent it hourly or daily usually. But it depends on where you’re renting from. You can usually check out home improvement stores like Home Depot for power washing rentals. 

The price will fluctuate where you live, but an average daily cost is around $50-$100 to rent. 

You can also buy a pressure washer for between $90-$800–depending on the type of washer. Since maintaining and storing a pressure washer takes some work and money, many homeowners prefer to rent since pressure washers are not used often in a year.

It’s important that you’re aware of the risks of doing your own pressure washing. There are certain forms and techniques to use so that you don’t damage your home. There is also safety gear you should wear while operating this high powered machinery.

Electric Or Gas Pressure Washer?

Electric pressure washers are lower pressure (1,300-1,400 psi) and are better for washing garage floors and cars. They’re quiet and more portable than the gas pressure washers. They require a 120-140V GFCI outlet and usually cost between $90-$200.

Gas pressure washers are higher pressure (3,000 psi) and are better for washing the sides of your house and decks. They typically have more features like chemical injectors and longer wands. Gas pressure washers cost anywhere between $300-$800. 

Either washer can usually be rented.

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Pressure washing the back porch

The Cost Of A Pressure Washer Service

Hiring a pro for a pressure washer service is a good idea since they have experience and knowledge of how to work safely with the equipment. 

They know which nozzles to use and where to use them. And the pros know how to target certain areas of your home without damaging paint or siding.

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a power washing service is $283, with a typical range of $185-$383.

Pressure Washer Service Tips

When hiring a contractor for a pressure washer service, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure they have.

A good company should have up-to-date and state of the art equipment–not just a pressure washer you can buy at your Home Depot or stores like it.

They should have insurance, certifications, and follow EPA regulations concerning safe chemicals. They should also have good customer reviews on the efficacy of their pressure washing. You shouldn’t have to pressure wash your home more than once a year. 

Gather and compare several quotes from different companies. Make sure they include the price of materials (if they do), labor, and equipment so you’re getting a quote on the whole package. If they use your water, check to make sure you don’t have to pay for it. They may bring their own water instead. 

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