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Improve Your Home For Less Than $50–6 Hacks To Affordable Home Upgrades

Don't break the bank to upgrade your home. Upgrade for less than $50 with these DIY projects.

Improve your home without breaking the bank.

You can polish, upgrade, decorate, and better your home for under $50 anytime.

Improve Your Home: Paint—Don’t Buy—That Designer Rug


All you’ll need are your paint colors, painters tape, and maybe a plain rug.

You can do this paint job on a floor you don’t care for or on a plain rug, depending on your budget and what you have available.

Create a design with your painter’s tape and go to town. The whole project will only take a few hours.

Be sure to let dry before you allow traffic over it.

Improve Your Home: Update Your Handles and Knobs


 Updating your home hardware is one of the fastest ways to upgrade your home.

And it’s really affordable. Handles are usually only 2-5 dollars apiece.

Take an hour out of your day to update your bathroom knobs. On another weekend, do your kitchen.

Improve Your Home: Mirrors for Closet Doors 


Mirrors make a room seem more spacious and airy.

Space and ventilation increases your home value. And for $20-30 you can upgrade your closed doors by mounting a couple long door mirrors on the exterior.

Paint the frames whatever color complements the room. Instant upgrade.

Improve Your Home: Fresh Coat of Paint


Updating a room’s color scheme and making your rooms bright and fresh with paint is a great way to upgrade your home.

If you tackle your whole house with this project all at once, you’re going to spend over $50.

Instead, tackle a room at a time and as your budget allows. Eventually your whole home will look fresh and new.

Improve Your Home: Pops of Color

It could be a painted wall, your favorite piece of art, rugs, pillows, plants, etc.

Pops of color brighten an otherwise dull and un-creative space.

Simply purchase small pops of color to add to your home overtime. Creative home improvement with personal style.

Improve Your Home: Planters

Well-tended and beautiful plants improve home appearance.

You don’t have to get those insanely priced vases and planters. Simply convert some old wood panels and dig an area in front of your bay window to line the wood in.

There are a lot of DIY planters that you can do for under $50.


What are some of your favorite affordable upgrades? Share in the comments below

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