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Need A Change? How To Reorganize Your Home To Make Old Feel New

Ever feel like you just want to move houses for something new? Reorganize your home to scratch that itch.

Maybe you’re bored of how your living room looks. Maybe your teen isn’t digging their tween color palette anymore. And maybe your craft room makes you kind of want to give everything away and try again. 

Well you don’t need to do anything that extreme to feel like you’re in a fresh place with a new start. 

Here are some ways you can declutter, reorganize, and room swap to make the old feel like new again.

1. Plan And Budget Before You Start To Reorganize Your Home

Are you looking to get rid of clutter? Do you want to buy some new furniture or are you in need of a new mattress? When you’re planning on room swapping and rearranging furniture, you want to make sure any future plans you have still fit in your budget.

You may want to clear a study and make it into a workout room. That may be an amazing idea, but workout equipment can be expensive. You should have a plan and budget already in place to make sure you actually use your new room for the intended purposes. Otherwise you’re just wasting space. 

Additionally, you will still need room for your craft room supplies. Create a plan, budget, and layout so you know where everything is going to end up. 

2. Bring Your Family Goals And Needs Into Your Plan 

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Reorganize with your family and make it fun.
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Reorganize your home with your family. Get them excited about donating items they don’t need anymore and clearing more space for creative future ventures. 

Look at your family’s needs. Do you need a creative space? Would a work out room work out some extra energy? Is your teen outgrowing their childhood room? Discuss with your kids changes you’re considering and get some feedback. Most likely they’ll be excited at the prospect of change. My kids always get excited about picking out new color palettes and helping with painting the walls and picking out new comforters. 

3. Measure Your Spaces And Furniture

Before you get yourself into a mess, measure out your furniture and where you want to move it. Make sure it fits before you try getting it through doors. Same goes for any new furniture or appliances you’re moving into spaces.

I find it helpful to make a rough sketch of the layout and the measurements of spaces and the furniture I’m considering. That way, when I go shopping with my measuring tape in hand, I know for sure that bed, chair, or desk is going to fit. 

4. Create

home rearrangement, roomswapping, reorganize home, new home, spring cleaning, clean home, changing home
Creation is the best part of the process! We think so at least.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you want to do and how much room you have to do it, you and your family can start recreating their spaces. 

This can include picking out paint, curtains, pillows, or comforters for new rooms. If you don’t have the budget to buy all new stuff, simply refurbish the old. Paint old dressers or update scratched entertainment centers. 

5. Decluttering

Declutter everything as you start to move your furniture around or switch rooms. This is your chance to get rid of things you don’t want so you don’t have to bring them into the new spaces with you. 

You may have to designate another room to home one room’s furniture while this process happens, but it will be worth it when everything feels so clean, light, and fresh. 

6. Deep Clean And Repair

home rearrangement, roomswapping, reorganize home, new home, spring cleaning, clean home, changing home
Maybe not as fun, but deep cleaning will help your home smell and feel so fresh.

Scrub down walls, baseboards, blinds, and ceiling blades. Maybe even shampoo the carpet. Repair any nail holes or broken shelves or doors. Just like when you move into a new home, you want everything to feel and smell clean. It gives you the fresh start you really want. 

7. Paint, Decorate, Move In

Now you get to paint, hang shelves and pictures, rearrange pictures, and bring in the new furniture. Or, simply rearrange the old furniture in a new way. Sometimes I find I don’t like the layout like I thought I would; so I simply will move things around with my spouse and kids until we like it. 

Remember to have fun with the projects and enjoy the fresh new feeling after the work is done. 

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