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Real Talk About Owning A Home

Work smarter--not harder.

Owning a home can be the toughest yet most rewarding challenge of your life. It’s not for the faint of heart.

At first, you see everything with rose-colored lenses.

It’s romantic to purchase a fixer-upper and nurture a home with the sweat of your own brow.

And buying a new home with new furnishings, granite or quartz counter-tops, and beautiful hardwood floors is many homeowner’s dream.

But then the problems start showing up. A busted pipe, leaking dishwasher, peeling paint, a stain on the floor that was covered by the couch…yikes. It’s all right—you got this.

You love owning a home!

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Then things add up. Lights left on while gone on vacation, stove left on while you were at work, dog tore up your carpet, and you just heard about a chain of recent burglaries in your city.

How do you keep your large investment safe?

How do you keep your loved ones safe inside your home—your home is your haven after all.

Smart homes have been in development for years, but more recently they have become more streamlined and integrated with technology than ever before.

The industry has anticipated homeowners every worry. Smart homes meet those worries head-to-head, relieving homeowners of common stressors.

This allows you more control over your domain.

This is why every homeowner needs Home Professionals.

Home Professionals connects every homeowner with the best and most current deals and pros for your home needs—especially for a smarter home today.

But what do homeowners have to say???

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Tianna Wellen reports:

“Home automation helped me get my sanity back. Before I was so stressed while my husband was out of town working; I couldn’t sleep at all! With the smart home security locks and sensors on every window, I know that nothing could possibly get in without me knowing.”

Craig Petersen, a young homeowner:

“As a new homeowner, I was worried how steep the cost of home automation would be. But[…]now realize that it was more attainable than I thought. I used to be super guilty of leaving my lights turned on when I was out. Now I can flip them off through an app on my phone when I remember. Money saved!”

A new way to get your smart home…

Smart homes can be super attainable.

You don’t have to invest all at once. You can budget over time and build up your very own system.

Home Professionals has everything you need to know in one place—the very best deals and info out there.  

Don’t sweat trying to find the best. When you use Home Professionals, we can connect you to your local experts without any effort on your part. (Aside from filling your info anyways). 

Amazing deals today and just for you

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