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The Cost Of A House Cleaner

Keeping a home clean is a rather large and continuous task. Which is why many homeowners hire a house cleaner.

It’s hard for a lot of homeowners to balance work, kids, activities, family time, pets, yard care, special projects, hobbies and the housework to top it all off. 

Hiring a professional house cleaner can really take a burden from your shoulders.

Cost Of A House Cleaner

Typically you can expect to pay for a professional house cleaner either by the hour or by square foot of your home. 

Average hourly wages range from $25-45 depending on the area you live in and the going rates. 

You can also expect to pay more for the “first clean” or the first time a cleaning pro comes over. That’s because it’s usually more work to clean a home if it hasn’t been done in a while (no judgment!). 

Most of the time, the first clean is when a  house cleaner will charge by the square foot of your home. This helps them get a baseline feel for how long your home will take and which areas will need more work. 

The price will fluctuate based on how many cleaners there are and how frequently you have them coming over. 

Some businesses and contractors will offer a discount on long term contracts. 

House Cleaner Or Housekeeper

House keepers “keep up on” the home more frequently with lighter cleaning and maybe deeper cleaning from time to time. 

A house cleaner cleans deeper and less often. 

Individual Contractor Or Company

Companies should be insured, and they should have bonded and licensed employees. If cleaning isn’t done to your liking, you have a company to take the issue to. They’re more likely to charge more, but you’ll have more of a guarantee on the work done. Since you’re working with a company, the job will always be done since there are many workers that can fill in even if someone gets sick. 

Individual cleaning contractors are really just as good as hiring a company if you get a good recommendation. And they’re often less expensive–generally they’re paid with cash or check. When working with any single individual, you may have to reschedule on the rare occasion of sickness or emergency. 

Services Included

Usually basic tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and general pickup are included. 

Once the basic tasks are done, they’ll work on anything else you’ve asked to be done such as cleaning blinds or baseboards or deep cleaning something. 

Whether you or they supply the cleaning equipment should be included in your contract. 

There are some tasks and deep cleaning projects, such as cleaning an oven or refrigerator, that will have extra charges.

Whether you go with a company or individual house cleaner, you’re sure to experience stress-relief while they tackle some of the chores no one wants to do. 

House cleaners and keepers are well worth the cost.

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