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The Cost Of Painting A House

A few things that contribute to the cost of painting a house are the condition of the home, the size of your home, and if you DIY or hire a pro. 

Low end, you can expect around $2,000 and high end around $8,000 for a two-story home.

If your home has a lot of peeling or cracked paint, or rotting wood, it’s going to be a lot harder for you or your painting pros to paint your home. 

Many paint contractors give free estimates on the work your home requires. 

Before you paint you or your pro should prepare your home with a few steps. 

  1. Power wash your home. Before you paint you need a clean surface.
  2. Scrape old paint that’s peeling. You need a smooth surface before painting a house.
  3. Replace damaged wood. You need to replace any damaged or rotting wood. 
  4. Caulk small spaces in windows and doors. It will make the paint look better as well as water proof your home. 
  5. Prime your surface before painting a house. You need a priming layer so your paint will stay and look better. 

The cost of your paint job will fluctuate based on materials needed, wood replacement, how many colors you use, and how many coats you need. 

Your painting pro can give you an estimate on what kind of work your home would need and the cost before you hire them. 

Don’t let the cost deter you from getting the job done. The longer you wait to do a needed paint job the more it’s likely to cost.

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