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Add Value To Your Property With Trees

Trees are beautiful, they help you save energy, and they totally increase your property value!

Homes with trees usually sell for more (up to 20%) and have more curb appeal, which means they sell faster.

Here are some of the added benefits trees give your property:

Trees Increase Happiness

Many studies show that trees can help lower anxiety and improve your health. People who live in neighborhoods with more trees report feeling happier and having a greater perception of their health.

Trees Keep You Cool

Trees help reduce your heating and cooling costs with their shade and shelter.

You could potentially see your a/c bills come down by 30% and your heating bills come down 20-50% if your trees are effectively planted and mature.

And without trees you can expect to feel the heat and pay for it too, unfortunately.

Trees Are An Important Part Of Landscaping

Landscaping your home with beauty and style increases it’s curb appeal and home value.

You can make a good 200%-400% ROI (return on investment) on a good landscaping job when you sell your home.

Just make sure you maintain your property and either hire a pro arborist and landscaper, or just know what you’re doing when it comes to DIY landscaping.

Trees Make Financial Sense

A grown-up tree can be valued between $1,000 and $10,000.

It can take a varying amount of years for the tree to mature, but it’s an easy investment that keeps on giving with each year.

If you position your trees advantageously, you can see up to 56% savings on your annual a/c costs. Even pines can save you 3% on winter wind chill heating costs.

Use these tree value calculators to find out which trees will save and make you the most in your area.

Trees add value to your property and they’re very low maintenance.

Trees are loved and desired, they save money, and they give your home some added protection from the elements. Potential homebuyers are attracted to homes with more trees as it increases curb appeal and value of the home.

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