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What Is Mudjacking And How Much Does It Cost?

What is mudjacking and how much does it cost? Can it save your driveway, porch, or basement? It’s likely!

Mudjacking is also known as concrete leveling. This process supports and fixes a sagging or cracked concrete foundation.

This concrete leveling is important because it reinforces the structural integrity of your foundation. If you leave the sagging/cracking, eventually your foundation will be compromised and this will lead to very extensive damage and expensive repairs.

Mudjacking services usually costs around $500-$1350.

Why Do Concrete Foundations Crack Or Sag? 

cost of mudjacking and do I need mudjacking

If your concrete, (whether it’s your porch, stairs, basement or driveway) is cracking or sagging, that usually means the dirt beneath the foundation was not compacted correctly. 

Soil erosion can also play a role in sagging or cracking concrete.

The photo above is a good example of how disjointed foundation work can get. Read on and we’ll share more from Ryan fixing his driveway!

How Does Mudjacking Work?

what is mudjacking

Your mudjacking contractor will drill holes in your foundation. Then they will pump a cement/soil solution which will expand and quickly-harden as it fills the gaps.

This will help your foundation lift back to its original level

After that, they’ll fill the holes they drilled with cement and seal the mix in place. 

It’s difficult to say how much a concrete leveling project will cost because it’s hard to know how much solution will be needed to fix underneath your foundation.

Contractors also usually charge a base equipment fee.

Do I Need Mudjacking Services?


Mudjacking is important to do early on before your foundation is compromised.

And it’s much more affordable than replacing your entire floor, sidewalk, or whatever it is you need to repair. 

It also has less impact on your schedule, comfort, and environment then tearing your whole structure out. 

Mudjacking is much more affordable and will take less time, so it’s important to hire the help and services early on.

You can see how much mudjacking has helped Ryan and his driveway.

When Won’t Mudjacking Work?

PC: (Obviously mudjacking worked here!)

You can see how much this process helped Ryan, and his driveway was pretty messed up. So there’s a lot that mudjacking can do.

If your concrete is settling or sagging severely, it may be that mudjacking won’t help. 

It also won’t help if you’re concrete is broken up into several pieces or if expanding soil has caused it to rise up. 

In these cases the damage is severe enough you may need to completely replace your concrete. 

Before you make a decision, get a few quotes from foundation contractors to get a good idea of your best options.

What Is Polyurethane Foam Foundation Leveling?

polyurthane leveling, foam leveling, mudjacking
PC: Trademark Levelling

Instead of mudjacking you can do polyurethane foam leveling to fix your concrete. This is usually called polyleveling or foam jacking.

The drilled holes can be much smaller than in its alternative. Your pro will push the foam into the holes at a high pressure with their equipment, and the foam will expand and lift your foundation.

Polyleveling is more expensive than mudjacking because the solution used lasts longer and it’s usually more convenient to use for the homeowner. 

Hiring Mudjacking Services

hire mudjacking services

Mudjacking is a specialized trade. Make sure you hire a qualified, certified, and proven professional. They should have the right licensensing, insurance, and bonding

This is a very equipment intensive job and shouldn’t be done DIY.

Before you hire your contractor, ask if they can place the underlying problem causing your settling issues.  

Most of the time it’s soil compaction. Sometimes it’s poor landscaping or gutter spouts that erode the soil.  Your professional should take whatever steps needed to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

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  1. My brother noticed that his home entrance is uneven, and one of his neighbors recommended him to hire concrete level services. I loved that you mentioned the importance of hiring a licensed and insured contractor for the job. I will let him know about your recommendations to help him find the best concrete leveling company to help him.

  2. It seems that our sidewalks are sinking due to erosion from rainwater removing the soil under it. It is said here that a mudjacking is essential when the foundation of the is being compromised. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to repair concrete lifting problems.

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