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Your Guide To Creating Your Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Feel as good outside as you do inside. Upgrade your outdoor living space today.

Your neighbors have to look at it, you have to deal with it, your family has to be in it. And it’s a reflection of your inside which you portray to the outside world.

Why wouldn’t you take the time and effort as a homeowner to make your outdoor living space as individual, creative, and comfortable as you can?

Outdoor Living Space Benefits

There are many benefits, but here are a few!

  • Increases home value
  • Brings family together
  • Creates a space for outdoor activities
  • Keeps a space safe and clean for kids or pets to play
  • Increases overall sense of well-being
  • Creates even more space to work, create, and play in
  • Gardening and working in your yard tends to decrease depression and gives a sense of accomplishment

Things to Consider Before You Begin Your Outdoor Living Space Project


You want to start with a design. Working with an independent landscaper or a professional contractor can be a powerful way to see your design 3D. This can solve a lot of problems way before you put money into it and realize issues too late. Working with a professional can also give you a better estimate on budgeting your project.

Some other tips to consider:

  • Envision how your space should look or feel. Are you rustic and country? Modern and chic?
  • Budget for your project. You may have to add onto your outdoor living space a little at a time.
  • Make note of specific features you want such as a fireplace, place for a BBQ, chairs, shade, etc.
  • Weather resistant materials and care through different seasons.
  • Wood, planters, brick, and other materials and cost.
  • Where to start and budget what you will build over time.

You May Want To Start With…


If your lawn is already in, you may want to work on your planters and garden next.

This will beautify your area, give you fulfilling projects and goals, and even give you delicious food to eat.

You will want to consider measuring out each area, hiring a landscaper to help install planters, and the material you will want around the planters can be a beautiful individual detail. Then, of course, deciding what to plant and tending to your project will increase your home value and curb appeal.


Once again, it’s a good idea to plan your goals ahead of time, decide how each part will factor in, and then budget and plan for your dream space. You don’t want to install a firepit only to realize a year later it’s going to get in the way for that pool you’ve always wanted.

A patio/deck/pergola should be planned accordingly. Choose low-maintenance and weather-resistant materials to build your foundation and space with. You may want to consider staining and painting if you’re working with wood.

Keep space and size in mind. If you want it to be near your pool, hot tub, or be able to fit the whole family under it, you need to plan that.

Don’t forget the sun and shade. You don’t want the sun beating down on your furniture all day every day.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you’re already ahead of the game, or you’re planning ahead, outdoor kitchens are great to consider.

Everyone loves outdoor eating and cooking. And imagine that pool or hot tub nearby.

However, you will want to research whether you need a permit and if you can easily connect your utilities, like gas and power, to your outdoor kitchen. Plan it too far away and it may just be a hassle. You will most definitely want some shelter around your eating and cooking area in case of inclement weather.

Talk to a professional about your plans, and they can help you get your area ready with things like appropriate piping diameter and city permits.

Fire Pits/Fireplaces

This is often a feature that is very high on a homeowner’s list.

Everyone loves being able to head to their backyard for s’mores on a beautiful summer evening.

You will want to consider how this feature will benefit and complement your beautiful outdoor plans. Spacing, lighting, stars, sun, cover, and season will all feature in how you use your fire feature.

You will want to choose your fire source, like natural gas or propane, and you will want to decide how you want it to be lit. Do you want it old-fashioned? Or turned on with a switch?

Your fireplace must also follow fire-safety and follow all city codes.

Adding a fire feature to your outdoor space allows you to use your added furniture and space even longer during the year.

Lighting and Smart Tech


Technology can be a great way to individualize your outdoor area. The fun is in the details.

Cost-effective outdoor lighting, such as solar lights, can be a great way to light up your outdoor area at night. It costs less and it reduces your carbon footprint.

You may even be able to connect your smart home hub, such as Echo/Echo Dot, to your outdoor area via smart light bulbs, smart lighting, music, and even movies. But you’ll have to plan that your features are close enough for wireless access.

You may also want to consider security cameras for your outdoor area. Keep things safe and monitored for yourself at all times.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should I budget for an outdoor space?
A: Depends on the project! You may be able to splurge all at once, or you may been to budget and build slowly over time. There are things you can do yourself to reduce labor costs, such as leveling out an area, growing grass, putting in a garden, etc.

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of room?
A: You can still make what space you have a sanctuary. Make it beautiful and enjoyable to be in! If you need help, get quotes on landscapers or other pros today.

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