Window Installation, Replacement, and Efficiency

3 Reasons You Need A Window Professional

Replacing or installing windows? You may be wondering if you should DIY or hire a pro. Home Professionals weigh in on the window installation process.

Window installation is a major home upgrade.

Energy-efficient window upgrades can have a dramatic effect on the money you save on energy. So it’s no small wonder why home window upgrades are in hot demand for homeowners today.

One of the main questions we get from homeowners is about DIYing window installation or hiring a pro to help out.

While DIY can be a great way to save some money, it’s only going to save you money if you have the skill set and tools to do an install correctly.

If a window install is done incorrectly, or without the proper knowledge/tools, your energy savings could be negated (maybe even canceled out). Which would mean you’re not making money off your investment.

No one wants that.

You want the most for your money.

So, assuming you’re the average homeowner who doesn’t spend their time in carpentry and window installation, here are three reasons we think hiring a pro for your window install can be a great idea.

Reason #1: Time is Money, My Friend

Maybe you like a DIY challenge and feel like you can YouTube and follow instructions well. We get it. We’re homeowners who love a good DIY project too.

But the thing is, the time you spend looking up installation, risks, and tools–the time you spend installing then re-installing five more time to correct mistakes–is all time that you had to take off work. Or maybe it’s time from your valuable weekend or that vacation you should have taken with your family.

Window install can become a drawn out project especially if you’re working on several windows.

This is why we think window installs should be handled by pros with advanced carpentry skills. Pros who know what to look for–they know those small signs that tell them the window will be working proper.

If you don’t feel confident in that, chances are you’ll negatively impact the energy-efficiency and the aesthetic value of your windows. And when you’re spending that money anyways, cost of labor is a small price to pay for efficiency.

Reason #2: Better Windows–Better Window Installation

Professional window companies carry a variety of windows (sizes/type/etc.) unlike big box stores. They also to have higher-quality windows and warranties.

When you go with a window pro, you’re getting that company’s expertise on all windows they carry. Windows aren’t cheap. This investment is a big home improvement. Will it save you money in the long-run? Yes, but if it’s not done well and with the best windows, it’s probably not going to be that much of a payoff.

Might as well do it right the first time.

Reason #3: Warranties and Guarantees

Many, if not most, window manufacturers require that their windows be installed by a professional. Otherwise they’ll void any warranty on their material.

Many good window companies and contractors carry workmanship guarantees too. Which means that you’re windows AND the work you paid for is backed up by companies and people who care about their work.

Protect your investment with those good guarantees and warranties. It’s worth every penny to have that assurance.

Make sure the window company/contractor you hire has a great track record, great customer satisfaction, and all required licenses and insurances.

Home Professionals will even take most of the work out of finding a pro. Take a load off your shoulders when you use the pro-finder form below to get your professional window install quotes today. All quotes are non-committal and completely free. 

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