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5 Important Questions To Ask Your Window Professionals

Windows may not need updating often, but you can lose thousands if you don't have good ones.

Windows are an important part of your heating and cooling system.

They are a big part of keeping warm/cool air in as the seasons change.

Single-pane, older windows and incorrectly installed windows can leak thousands of dollars worth of energy into the outside. So it’s critically important that you get the best windows and the best pros to install them right.

Before you trust someone with these important pieces to your home, make sure you at least ask these 5 questions.

Question 1: What is your company’s full name and address?

Make sure to get the full address (street and mailing) of the company. They should be a local company with some history behind them. Not only will you get a better response time, but you’re significantly less likely to end up scammed with a well-established company.

Question 2: Do you have insurance?

A contractor should have comprehensive liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance. This will protect you and them in the event of an accident.

Verify their insurance by asking to see their certificates of both insurance and workers comp. Your window  professional’s insurer should be able to send you up-to-date certificates and licenses before you hire them.

The reason you want to be specific and see them is because a contractor may assure you they have insurance, but they may just be referring to their health or life insurance.  You want window specific insurance.

Contractors who carry insurance and who don’t cut corners will cost a bit more than those who don’t. This is to cover overhead costs and insurance premiums and these expenses are well worth the value attached to them.

A contractor may not have insurance if they are self-employed, still setting up their business, part-time contractor, or can’t afford insurance.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk to hire someone who isn’t insured.

Question 2: Do you have the appropriate licenses?

Not all states will require that your contractor be licensed.

If they do, most likely the contractor needs to pass a written examination in their profession. Therefore, if your state requires licenses, it would most likely be more wise to hire a professional who holds one.

Many window manufacturers offer programs for window professionals where they can establish credentials, professionalism, and their know-how. This type of credential can be a great way to see your contractor’s knowledge and dedication to their craft.

Question 3: What’s your company warranty?

When it comes to warranties, longer isn’t necessarily better. There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration.

You will want a good warranty on your windows from the manufacturer. This will protect you from defects in the quality of the product.

Then you will also want a warranty on workmanship.

A typical warranty on workmanship usually lasts a year. Referrals and reviews are a good way to guide how dependable and ethical a company is. What really matters is intent and how a professional stands behind their work.

Problems with quality and work show up quickly usually. So a year warranty should cover any problems that involve these traits. But a greater warranty is finding a company that has a record of standing behind their work.

Question 4: References?

Ask companies about their own references to see what they choose to reveal about themselves. It can show what they value. Also, take time to do plenty of research online about the company and customer satisfaction. Investigation can go a long way in selecting the right kind of help.

You can also ask them for a list of ten customers for references. You don’t have to call all of them, but random selection may help you decide if they are the right professional for you.

Question 5: Rebates and Tax Credits?

You may qualify for state or federal rebates or tax credits depending on the windows and what you’re replacing. Ask your windows contractor about any incentives that are available for your project (both federal and state), and make sure you meet all the requirements to get those incentives.

Save thousands with your new home upgrade. Get your free, no-commitment quote on windows and see if you qualify today.

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