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How to Seal Your Old Windows & Save Precious Money

Imagine opening a window and throwing hundreds of dollars out for the wind to take where it may. That is exactly what your old windows are doing to you. Stop the madness by learning how to seal old windows today.

How are Unsealed Doors & Windows Costing Me Money?

The cracks in doors and windows allow your precious heated or cooled air to escape and the air from the outside to come in.

In the summer the lack of window seals, or old window seals that aren’t working well anymore allow the air conditioned air to escape and the hot air from outside to leak into the house and warm it back up. This means you are losing money on extra time the air conditioner must run to keep the house at a cool temperature.

Similar to the situation of summertime, wintertime heated air can seep through those leaky doors and windows and allow the frigid air to come in. Once again you lose money because of the extra work the heater must do to keep your home warm in the winter.

How to Seal Your Doors

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Weather Stripping

The most common way to seal a door is weather stripping. There are four different types of weather stripping and you’ll want to choose the best one for the weather in your location.

  1. V Channel

    1. What is it made of: vinyl, aluminum, or stainless steel
    2. Where it is used: Side of a sliding window or the top and sides of a door
    3. Pros: Durable and hard to see once it is in the correct place on the door.
    4. Cons: Sometimes the V Channel makes it a little bit more difficult to open and close the door.
  2. Felt
    1. What is it made of: all wool felt
    2. Where it is used: Around the door or in the door’s jamb.
    3. Pros: Easy to install and fairly inexpensive.
    4. Cons: It is not very durable so it doesn’t last very long. Can’t be used where there might be moisture or friction. It’s still visible even when installed properly.
  3. Foam Tape
    1. What is it made of: vinyl foam, rubber foam, PVC foam
    2. Where it is used: Door frames.
    3. Pros: Easy to install, fairly inexpensive.
    4. Cons: Shouldn’t be used where there will be high wear. It is visible even when installed properly
  4. Door Sweep
    1. What is it made of: aluminum of steel with a brush made of plastic, vinyl, sponge, or felt
    2. Where it is used: The bottom of the door on the interior. 
    3. Pros: It’s easy to install
    4. Cons: Could drag on the carpet or get caught up in rugs/doormats.


Door Sweep

Most often it’s the crack at the bottom of the door that wastes most money for homeowners.

You may want to use a door sweep on the bottom, as they’re great for irregular floors and the drafty door bottoms that accompany them.

A door sweep is a piece of Aluminum or stainless steel with a brush of plastic, vinyl, sponge or felt attached to the bottom that sweeps against the floor as the door opens and closes.

Though, if you don’t seal your windows too, you’ll find sealed doors only help a part of the problem.

How to Seal Old Windows

The older your home, the more likely it is that you have leaky windows.

Options for sealing old windows:

    • Foam Sealant
      • You can fix those leaks by using a foam sealant on any crevices or potential leaks that you see. You want to use the foam since it will compress and you can still lock your windows.
    • Window Film
        • You may also want to put a film over your windows. There are specific directions that you must follow when you get them for them to be effective. While a little more complicated, they’re probably the most efficient budget-friendly way to seal your windows.
    • Sand Snakes
        • If nothing else, you can use sand snakes, which are tubes of fabric filled with sand you can put against leaks. These can be a budget friendly way to seal your old windows, and you can even decorate them humorously.

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Upgrade To Stop The Money Leak

While these tips can help the leaky flow of money leaving your wallet, nothing will put that leak to a stop more than window replacements.

The best thing you can do is upgrade your windows to something newer and leak-proof.

The investment pays for itself quickly as it saves you from throwing your money away, and adds value to your home for when you want to sell it. It even takes away the stress and strain of trying to run around and plug all the holes in your home.

You can even “get paid” to make your windows more energy-efficient using these tax incentives.

Stop the window money leak today and live much more comfortably no matter the season. Get connected to the best window replacement pros in your area and redeem your free quotes with the form below.


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