Window Installation, Replacement, and Efficiency

How To Prep For Your Window Pros

Whether you're building, repairing, or replacing, there are basic guidelines to follow during your window installation.

Wondering about how to prep for your professional window installation? You’re not alone. There are three basic (and very easy) things every homeowner can prepare to keep work streamlined and efficient.

Anticipate Questions

Obviously, the pros know what they’re doing, but they may ask you about what you want from repairs or installation during consultation. They’ll want to know things from where they should park to what kind of help you need (replace, repair, several-story install, etc.).

If you’re having specific problems with your windows and installation, take note of what’s happening, when it started, what symptoms the material/binding/flashing/etc. is exhibiting—these are questions they may ask in order to diagnose the problem and fix it efficiently.

If it’s a simple window installation, anticipate questions about your window preferences (such as double-pane or storm windows, shutters, stuff like that).

Keep Work Area Clear

Keep the work areas inside and outside cleaned up and clear of furniture that could hinder your professional.

If your window pro has to do it themselves, then that increases the work time and labor they give you, which increases the cost for you. So, some simple forethinking can save you money on labor.

It also protects the furniture, carpet, and pictures in your home (also saves money), when you clear the area and use a drop cloth in the work area.

Entertain Pets and Kids Elsewhere

As cute as pets and kids are, they can be a big distraction. Simply keep pets in a separate part of the home while your professional works (this can be in another room or the garage). Clearing the work area keeps everyone safer while your window professionals work.

You never know if your professional is allergic or even uncomfortable around pets. It’s kind and helpful to keep the work area clear of distractions.

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