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Make Your Home Hurricane-Resistant: Protect Your Windows From Hurricanes

Hurricane season is looking mean. If you protect your windows from hurricanes, you can reduce the cost of home damage and possibly lower insurance premiums.

Your windows are some of the weakest points of your home when it comes to hurricanes and other severe weather events.

Windows can also be very expensive. Protect your investment through the bad weather and save money.

Proper window protection will lower home damage costs and might even lower your insurance premium.

Cost-Benefit Of Protecting Your Windows From Hurricanes

When severe weather compromises your windows, these openings can destabilize your roof and walls as the pressure inside the home increases.  Whirlwind debris may enter, causing injury and damage. And even just an inch of water seeping into your home can cost upwards of $8,000 in property damage.

Many insurances offer homeowners discounts when you take steps to reduce hurricane damage to your home.

For example, Miami-Dade County, Florida’s average yearly premium on an older home (insured for $150,000) will run from $3K all the way up to $8K without hurricane reduction improvements. However, if that same homeowner improved with in hurricane stability with high-impact glass or storm shutters, their insurance premium would drastically lower into the $1K-$3K range.

That’s a huge increase in savings in your premium, not to mention those window improvements make your home much safer and increases your home-value.

You need only talk to your insurance company about possible discounts and incentives. You may also want to talk to your local window professionals about possible federal tax incentives using Home Professionals free quote-finder below.

Tips To Protect Your Windows From Hurricanes

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High-Impact Glass

  • While perhaps the bigger investment, high-impact glass improvements can protect you from shattered windows and flying debris in a storm.
  • You can expect to pay $50-70/sq. ft. (depending on whether you get single or double glazed). Though we don’t recommend single glaze as it is less energy-efficient.
  • Water may still leak through high-impact windows.
  • High-impact windows look like regular windows (aesthetically pleasing), they may increase your home-value, they offer high-impact protection, and they’re always in place and ready to go in a storm.

Storm Shutters

  • Storm shutters are permanently installed on your home. All you have to do is pull the shutters into place (whether roll-up or accordian style) when a storm comes in. You may choose to use solid shutters, or you may use translucent shutters to let in some light.
  • You can expect to pay between $10-50/sq. ft. for storm shutter installation.

Plywood, Aluminum, And Steel

  • Plywood can be put up before a storm hits or when the hurricane is actually coming. You would pre-install screw anchors around the windows so you can work fast to board up your home.
  • You may do this option DIY and spend around $2/sq. ft. (a dollar or two more for a contractor to install). You would simply need a weekend to measure your openings and boards, cut things down to size, and pre-install the anchors and plywood for your home. You would want 5/8 in. thick boards that are about 8 in. longer than the openings of your windows. You want to attach them to your home walls, not the window frame.
  • A local window professional might be a better option if you simply want someone else to do all the work for a bit more money.
  • You may also want to look into aluminum, steel, plastic, or reinforced material panels. But they tend to be more expensive than plywood.

Hurricane Film: Note: This option is more a measure of protection for yourself rather than a way to protect your windows.

  • This clear plastic blends in fairly well and can be left up all year. The film mainly functions as a way to protect you from shards of glass. It’s also a favorite option for DIY-homeowners. You can expect to pay around $25/linear ft.
  • Hurricane film protects carpets and furniture from ultraviolet light which can fade the fabric.
  • The problem with hurricane film is that it doesn’t protect your windows or the frame. The windows still break and it doesn’t qualify for insurance discounts.

Protect your windows from hurricanes, save money, and lower your insurance premiums.

Home Professionals is offering homeowners absolutely free quotes today. Home Professionals will find you the best local contractors–hassle free–to protect your windows from hurricanes.

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