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Replacing Windows—Is It Worth The Cost?

Don't go for the hot tub! Here's why replacing windows should be your next home upgrade!

Replacing windows may not be a frequent upgrade for homeowners (thankfully), but it’s definitely one of the most important.

Budgeting for home upgrades is a hard yet important part of homeownership.  It’s part of increasing your home’s value, your comfort, and your energy efficiency.

It’s not always easy to decide which upgrades to settle on. Hot tubs and swimming pools sound amazing, but did you know they can be a money sink-hole for homeowners?

Even upgrading to marble countertops or a major bathroom makeover, while seeming more practical, may or may not be the right upgrade for you.

So how do you decide which renovations and upgrades to focus on?

Focus On Energy-Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows increase your home value and reduce your energy bills.

Focus on energy-efficiency. Which means things like energy-efficient appliances and other household items that are going to reduce energy bills.

Replacing windows is usually a big part of a homeowner’s upgrade in energy-efficiency. And they’re a financially sound decision.

You will make back 70-80% of what you spend in your home’s market value. Very few home improvements give back as much to their home market value.

Energy Efficient Windows: Are They All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

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Home market value goes up, but energy-efficient windows will save you a lot of money on your energy-bills too.

Lower energy bills makes your home that much more marketable because searching homeowners love a home with low electricity bills. Especially in high-energy-cost areas– (California, looking at you).

Here are your basic options when it comes to your new window selections and their energy-efficiency:

  • ENERGY STAR Windows: These windows have been stamped for energy-efficiency approval by the EPA and the Department of Energy. Depending on your area, these windows can save you between $30 – $465 a year on energy costs. You’ll see more of a difference in areas with larger temperature ranges and if you’re replacing single-pane windows.
    There are often government incentives for becoming more energy-efficient. This will bring down the cost of these windows. Check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency to see if you could qualify for any of the incentives.
  • Double-Pane Windows: These windows are insulated/double-glazed—they have two layers of glass which helps reduce energy waste. Many double-paned windows even have an insulating gas that helps to absorb wind before it passes into your home. Double-pane windows will help lower the amount of energy loss and lower your energy bills.
    These windows cost more than single-pane windows, but they are more energy-efficient. Though you may not make back all you put into them unless you use some weather-stripping techniques to really cut back on energy loss.
  • Single-Pane Windows: These windows don’t offer insulation, and they are inefficient. They could easily let out up to 20% of your home’s heating.

Your Energy Bill Says: “Energy-Efficient Windows Are Worth The Cost”

Window replacement can be a great way to reduce energy cost and increase the market-value of your home. More money in your wallet.

Additionally, energy-efficient windows will keep you more comfortable and help reduce your carbon footprint. And replacing single-pane windows with more environmentally friendly windows saved up to 6,205 lbs of CO2 emissions (317 gallons of gasoline) with the energy saved in heating and cooling.

Despite the higher cost of energy-efficient windows, the higher market value, tax incentives, lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, and increased comfort make energy-efficient windows a strong home improvement option to invest in.

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