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What Do My Window Professionals Do?

Many homeowners wonder if they really need help with windows and installation. It seems straightforward after all. What exactly does a window pro do for you?

What does a window professional do for you? Do you really need help with windows and installation?

It’s a little more complicated than you think.

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It’s More Complicated Than it Looks

Little inefficiencies, irregularities, or cracks in the work of a window install can cost you more money than you’re spending on your windows.

Installing windows isn’t as easy as shoving it into an opening. It’s not even as easy as measuring out an opening and carefully placing the window in the wall with flashings and dressings.

You can expect that your window professional will roll up with a work station of tools that can handle most any problem (and you can run into a lot of problems).

A few such details that need attention:

  • Structural damage you might not be aware exists
  • Varying kinds of casings and sills
  • How to adjust tools and technique according to different material
  • House settling can change a lot–they’re equipped to handle those discrepancies
  • Pros who know what to look for–they know those small signs that tell them the window will be working properly
  • Proper sealant for the weather when the window is installed and for the weather of your state in general
  • Types of windows (size, shape, etc.) that will work better on different levels or sides of the home
  • Aesthetic value matters to the value of your home–if your windows look good and work well, you’re home value goes up significantly

Reassurance of Quality

When you hire a reputable company for help with windows on your property, you can feel better knowing you’re getting quality work.

Before your window pro leaves after the final clean up, they should take you through a few steps to show their workmanship.

  • They should walk you through a window demonstration that will showcase what they worked on and how these new windows will work
  • Good window pros will give you tips on how to care for your windows and how to maintain them so they’ll last you
  • They should be able to answer any questions you have before, during, and after their work
  • Quality window pros will show you how to leave them feedback on how they did. That way you can validate their workmanship for others, or warn them if you aren’t impressed
  • Your window pros should end with a receipt of sale and a copy of the window as well as workmanship warranty. (If you didn’t buy the windows through them, then you’ll get the window warranty from the manufacturer)

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They Save You Time and Money

Yes, you are paying for help with your windows. Yes, you’re paying for the warranty, the quality and assurance, the labor, and all the time saved.

You’re paying for the time you would have spent looking up installation, risks, and tools. You’re paying for the time you would have spent installing, reinstalling, and any rookie mistakes you may make (not to mention stress and accidents). And for the time you would have taken off work to do a big home project. Your time is valuable. Whether it’s at work or with your family.

And most window manufacturers will void their warranty if the install is not done by a professional window installer.

Warranties on both your window and workmanship are something you most likely really want.

When you look at it that way, it’s probably less expensive to hire someone for their professional labor.

The Pros Help With Windows a Whole Lot

Make sure the window company/contractor you hire to help with windows has a great track record, great customer satisfaction, and all required licenses and insurances.

Home Professionals will even take most of the work out of finding a pro. Take a load off your shoulders when you use the pro-finder form below to get your professional window install quotes today. All quotes are non-committal and completely free. 

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