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Window Insulation Tax Credit: What It Means For You In 2020

Get paid when you insulate your windows with qualifying energy-efficient upgrades. You'll save hundreds on your energy bills too.

Every year homeowners lose hundreds of thousands of dollars to energy loss through leaky windows.

Don’t be one of the homeowners!

The U.S. government offers many incentives for homeowners to be more energy-efficient, including tax incentives and rebates.

In fact, and with an upgrade to ENERGY STAR windows (the windows you can get some of the best incentives and savings with) you can expect to lower your energy bill up to 12%.

To give you an idea of how much that is, in a one-story, 2,000 sq. foot home with single-pane windows, you can expect your savings to amount to around $500 per year.

And up to $100 in savings for a home that size with double-paned windows.

The difference between single-pane and double-pane windows ALONE in savings amount to $400/year difference in this scenario. That should tell you something about single-pane windows (namely, that you need something better).

That’s huge.

Imagine how much you’re losing without ENERGY STAR windows. You’re saving 12% with that upgrade after all. But even an upgrade to double-pane from single-pane windows is a great investment.

While upgrading windows is an investment, it’s a smart investment—furthermore, it should probably be your next investment.

Any delayed time just means more money out the window. Especially when you can basically get paid to switch to the more energy-efficient options.

Government rebates can significantly reduce the cost of your qualifying window upgrade.

Reduce the cost of your investment with energy-efficient tax incentives! You can check out the available incentives for ENERGY STAR upgrades HERE.

The Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit can be used when you make home energy-efficient upgrades. The materials and products must pass the technical standards set by the Department of Energy—so make sure to check your upgrades with your window professional!

Qualified improvements for this credit include home insulation through windows, doors, skylights, and roofing materials.

The bigger your home is, the more you’re saving with upgrades.

Many homeowners have homes that are multiple levels and are larger than 2,000 sq. feet.

That means you’re probably losing a lot of money if you have double-pane windows…and a ton of money with single-pane.

Whether you’re building, replacing, or upgrading, your window insulation and selection is incredibly important to how much you’re saving and how comfortably you’re living.

Your local window professionals can assure you have all the qualifying upgrades for these tax credits. They can also help you select the best windows for your home—giving you the best features and the best savings on your window investment.

Stop throwing money away and start saving. See what rebates, savings, and incentives are available in your area.

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